Dejan Dubajić has been appointed as the Assistant Secretary of Belgrade Arbitration Center (BAC). Attorney at Law and Partner of the Dubajic Law Firm took up this position on January 15, 2020.

Belgrade Arbitration Center is a permanent arbitral institution within Serbian Arbitration Association that administers domestic and foreign disputes out of court. BAC also assists in technical and administrative aspects of ad hoc arbitral proceedings, organizes and conducts mediation sessions and provides for other services closely related to dispute settlement. BAC headquarters is in Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia.

Serbian Arbitration Association is established in 2013 as non-profit and non-governmental organization that currently gathers over 100 members – university professors, attorneys, judges and in-house commercial lawyers. The purpose of Serbian Arbitration Association is promotion of arbitration as a mechanism for dispute settlement and support of the development of the arbitration law practice in Serbia and the region. For further information on Serbian Arbitration Association and BAC click here.


Address      Radnicka 7/3, I floor,
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

Phone      +381 63 7113 841